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Meseuro is the gentle wind that blows from the South of the World towards the Mediterranean. It brightens the horizon with its light breeze. That’s why I chose its name, because I like to think about ourselves right here right now, in the exact spot where the challenges of the present become sharper and together the future appears closer.

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About us

We gave our company the name of a wind. A wind that is not like all the others, it is a gentle breeze that blows from the South of the World towards the Mediterranean and there clears the air, clears the horizon.

It seemed to us the best name for a company like ours whose mission are strategic solutions, from the corporate to the international level, driving a change towards new situations and new possibilities.

Our founder is Mario Mauro, with his twenty year experience in institutions at the top of the European Parliament first and then as Ministerof Defence in Italy, who recently lends his skills to the largest international consulting firms as a senior advisor.

Meseuro deals with all aspects from public affairs to international relations, from the processing of contents for the development of new products to the analysis of scenarios in geo-political and industrial contexts, from investment research to networking.

Meseuro is also a place to exchange ideas, a meeting point for those seeking information and updates and those who are keen on contributing to communicate the most current issues in terms of geo-political, socio-economic analysis, but also international relations at high levels.

The same international inspiration has led to the creation of the Center for Mediterranean Europe, which has been dealing with the Mediterranean question for almost eight years, placing it at the center of a constructive dialogue with Europe to which it belongs and with the rest of the World.

A non -profit organization, the center deals with compelling issues, proposing solutions but above all a privileged point of view, also available in training courses and seminars on the most delicate topics, from immigration to geopolitical and economic, transversally to several sectors, as the energy industry and the environmental sector.

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