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No one is called to choose between being in Europe and being in the Mediterranean, since the whole of Europe is in the Mediterranean. (Aldo Moro)

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The Mediterranean is crucial for the destinies of the World and the growth of Europe.

Cradle of cultures, meeting point of peoples, birthplace of civilization such as the Greek, Roman and Christian ones and where the Arab-Muslim culture prospered, the Mediterranean has witnessed over the centuries a continuous exchange that has generated an unique artistic and cultural heritage. This heritage is still alive and we all should feel responsible of its development and consolidation.

Today, promoting the founding values ​​of our civilization becomes the starting point for an indispensable cooperation that should be as fruitful as possible for a renewed geopolitical and economic balance as we all share our destinies, but also all the emergencies arising in the Mediterranean area and elsewhere.

The Center for Mediterranean Europe Meseuro promotes initiatives, studies and research to drive attention to these renewed needs, in collaboration with other foundations, associations, companies and institutions.


Meseuro provides a meeting point for the development of new strategies driving attention to the main issues in the Mediterranean area, establishing a social, cultural and human dialogue based on mutual understanding and promotion of the founding values ​​of our civilization. An indispensable condition for developing incisive relations between the countries concerned both on a political level and from an economic point of view

From a wider point of view, Meseuro contributes to delineating the Mediterranean identity and culture within the wider European context, with the ambition to make an essential contribution to the definition and strengthening of a common area of ​​development in the Euro-Mediterranean area. For Meseuro this also means the promotion and development of technical skills, scientific research and technological innovation in various sectors, with particular reference to energy, crucial for its economic, environmental and social value.


Since its foundation Meseuro gives voice to the socio-economic and cultural needs of the European population, with particular reference to the southern Mediterranean area, through the constant realization and diffusion of research projects, studies and publications and the organization of training moments, seminars and conferences.

With the participation of top experts in many fields, stakeholders and representatives of the Institutions, seminars and conferences promoted by Meseuro give concrete analysis, comparison and training on social, economic and geopolitical issues, setting prerequisites for possible strategic solutions putting the skills into practice.

Sectors Meseuro work in: 

  • Policies of the European Union

  • European Union

  • Mediterranean and Middle East

  • International Political Economy

  • Security and Defense Policies and Economics


Main areas of interest

  • Energy sector

  • Networks of transport and logistics infrastructures

  • Intercultural dialogue

  • Education and training

  • Safety

  • Immigration

  • Agriculture and Food

  • Search

  • Industry and SMEs

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