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Publilio Siro

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INTERNAtIONal affairs

Mutual relationships with influential subjects and a deep understanding of its needs are very important for any organization.

Public Affairs professionals’ duty is therefore to establish lasting relationships on behalf of organizations with public Institutions, in order to guide their decision-making processes.

Nowadays, providing ideas means providing useful tools to know Institutions better and to understand the dynamics behind decision-making processes. After defining the legal framework that regulates each sector and giving an overview of the European situation on the subject, people involved in this dialogue will be able to exploit specific skills of Public Affairs and Institutional Communication.

This codified way of proceeding is an appropriate method, both in International Relations and in Strategic Consultancy. But can it bring new ideas?  

What are ideas?

How can ideas influence public decisions combing effectiveness and transparency?

What is the connection between ideas and experience? In our blog we hope to share the answers to these questions.

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