L’Europa incompiuta


Europe is a community of destiny, the result of centuries of history.

The tragic experience of two fratricidal wars in the short span of thirty years (1914-1945) led three great Christian statesmen – Schuman, Adenauer and De Gasperi – to elaborate the project of a union between the States of Europe with a goal: “No more war”.

Faced with such an ambitious project Schuman himself affirmed that the idea of ​​Europe needs time and different phases; for this reason, Europe is large but still unfinished.

The European Union is legally founded on a set of common values: liberal values, democracy, respect for human dignity, the rule of law, fundamental freedoms.

As time passes by, the Europeanist project is accused of denying this valus, but the economic advantages of the European experience have been decisive for the political project as well as the ideals of democracy and freedom.

That project has achieved undeniable results: seventy years of peace, the demolition of borders and the enlargement of the European Union to 28 states, a single European market, the free movement of people and ideas.

And yet there is the perception of Europe as incapable of carrying out the integration process.

The dialectic between sovereigns and Europeanists as well as Brexit are the symptoms of an impasse: the question “what Europe is” is to be asked again.

There are many challenges before Europe: migratory flows, terrorism, the demographic crisis, economic stagnation, the relationship with web giants, the creation of infrastructures, climate change, complex and unstable international context.

These challenges require a policy taking care of people and for the common good.

The next electoral campaign will be a very important event in European history. It will be a real opportunity for a political dialogue, hoping that it will not be limited to technical-bureaucratic jargon but will be able to involve common people and ruling classes making them understand what kind of Europe they really need.

The texts and the interventions published in the book, by authors with important experience in Europe, are a precious help for anyone who wants to understand the origin, the direction and the value of the European project.

L’Europa Incompiuta

Ed. Itaca 2019
Mario Mauro – a Philosophy degree from the Catholic University of Milan, expert in educational and geopolitical policies. Former Vice-President of the European Parliament, Italian Defense Minister, representative of the OSCE presidency for religious freedom. President of the Center for Mediterranean Europe Meseuro.

Massimiliano Salini –  a law degree from the University of Milan. Manager. President of the province of Cremona. Member of the European Parliament. Manager. President of the province of Cremona. Member of the European Parliament.

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