“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises”. Demosthenes

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The current economic context is extremely dynamic. New horizons and a new equilibrium cause a deep change in organizations of all kinds.

New needs from our customers encourage us to explore new boundaries, putting our skills at their disposal to plan activities, decide priorities, define solutions.

From experience to excellence

Thanks to our excellent level of service, that distinguishes us in our approach to International Relations too, we work with the main communication and public relations groups, with companies and with private and public organizations providing them with strategic solutions to complex problems.

The experience of our founder Mario Mauro allows us to provide all the necessary skills to develop strategic solutions and products, to provide analysis on geopolitical and industrial scenarios, to support organizations in the search for investments, helping them with funding opportunities provided from the European Union, and to deal with public affairs at an international level.

We offer our methods, skills and valuable experiences for competitive projects, successful interventions, decisive solutions.

Meseuro is also our Center for Mediterranean Europe.

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