The World of ideas, as Plato reminds us, can be a better World.
A World where problems find unexpeted solutions, therefore even more welcome.

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Nowadays, providing ideas means providing useful tools to know Institutions better and to understand the dynamics behind decision-making processes. But is that enough? How can we really make the difference? Which is the line between ideas and experience? In our blog we try to answer to all these questions.

EU announces additional €35 million for Africa’s Sahel region

A rise in the number and spread of conflicts in countries across Africa’s Sahel region is putting further strains on already fragile communities. To help those most in need, the European Commission is stepping up its support with a further €35 million in humanitarian aid.

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What could a no-deal Brexit actually mean?

What could a no-deal Brexit actually mean?

No-deal Brexit, also called hard Brexit, will happen in case of no agreement about UK leaving Europe. This would be the worst scenario, meaning UK will leave in a
According to analysts, UK will end up leaving the country in a disorderly manner, which will not protect the UK’s access to free trade with other European countries. But there will be consequences for Europe and Italy too.

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